Progressive Technology Project created a team for this web site. This team did the bulk of the work, but we had input for a number of others, too numerous to mention.

Arif Mamdani, PTP's Capacity Building Program Coordinator, led the project team and wrote articles in the Data Section along with Mark Sherman, PTP's Executive Director.

Jan Adams from Jan Adams Consulting in San Francisco is a veteran of many organizing and voter projects. Jan wrote the initial draft of the planning and field materials drawing on, among other campaigns, her work with Californians for Justice. She also provided a reality check during the writing and editing phases. Contact: jan [at]

We had two interns work on this project. They will be looking for work and we heartily recommend them.

Dan Luke from Hardworking Pictures in Saint Paul donated video services as did Richard Foley from Exploded View in Burbank.


June 2007