Voter Turnout

You've worked the whole campaign to ID voters you want turn out to vote. Over the last week, it's time to pull out all the stops to make sure they go to the polls. By knocking on their doors, by calling them repeatedly, you just keep reminding them to vote.

ALLERT organizers get volunteers psyched up to get out the voteThis takes a lot of work and a lot of organization, but by that time, your campaign is a larger, practiced, smoothly functioning organism (even though you feel tired and stretched.) You make your GOTV plan,;you carry out your turnout strategies, you keep track of all that valuable data you've collected -- and often, you win!

(Even if you can't win -- because that is not always possible -- you've become stronger and more powerful because your organization has learned a how to run a hard campaign and meet a lot of new allies and potential members.)

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Henry Serrano describes the repetitive contacts – from initial ID to GOTV – that get the best results

Henry Serrano: repeated contact is the key to successful voter registration and ID