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Anthony Thigpenn: “We normally try, and I think this is conventional wisdom, to do three contacts between the start of a particular voter participation program and Election Day. […] The combination of tactics that we have found was effective when you think about the actual door-to-door work, phone-banking, sometimes mass direct mail to folks, has been really this: that doing the door-to-door work and being able to – and sometimes we switch – doing door-to-door work first and then being able to give that information to a phone-bank so that that person gets a follow-up phone call, and then that person may be seen one more time on Election day during door-to-door, has we found to be very synergistic. It builds a relationship with folks, it reminds them about the importance of voting, we can reinforce the message. […] Sometimes we’ll do a phone-bank first and the reason for that is because you can reach more people by phone but the contact is not as effective. I think most studies have proven that the most effective contact in moving a person, educating them, convincing them to vote is really face-to-face, but it’s slower. […] So sometimes what we’ll do is we’ll do a round of phone-banking to contact lots of people and that gives us an initial screen. And then we will produce walk-sheets based on that screen for people who they want more information, they seem interested, we know that they really live there because we tested it by calling. […] And then we’ll follow that walk-out with another phone call and then a get-out-the-vote.”