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Anthony Thigpenn: “When I think about the resources and how we have begun to acquire the resources for this work, probably the most important piece of that is really the long-term, sustained nature of the work itself. So we’re able to bring online different pieces of capacity and technology over time. It’s not like we think we’re gonna spend a hundred thousand dollars for a new computer system and phone-bank system and buy a voter database all at once. But bringing the different pieces together and investing in those things and once you’ve invested in them, then you have them. So you have the computer program that’s gonna be there. As you begin to build the voter database then that grows. As an example, we’ve now done eight election cycles over the last couple years we’ve really tracked the voter database in, probably, a newly, more systematic way. And we now have a database of over a hundred thousand voters that we’ve contacted over that period of time. That’s something that would be hard to buy, if anything, because we’ve actually created this through the work of the organizations involved. So doing this over time, sustaining it, allows you to do it in a very measured way. You use building blocks and eventually you begin to develop the capacities that you need.”