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Bineshi Albert: “Our major pitfall has been with tracking the Native American community. It’s a community that’s spread throughout the city and is pretty transient. A lot of people come to Albuquerque from their tribal communities, from the reservations, come to Albuquerque to work or to go to school. And sometimes they’re here for an extended period of time and sometimes they’re here for three or four months. […] So early on the challenge for us I think was less about having to do the work of re-track these folks down, as much realizing that it was an ongoing thing that we were always going to have to do. So every year we lose about ten percent, ten, fifteen percent, of folks on our database just cause we can’t find them. So, you know, we spend a good deal of time off election cycles to find them, go back out to the community, talk to folks, bring new folks in, find old folks that we’ve lost track of. So even though it’s been a challenge it’s also been a real opportunity for us to continue to be out in the community and find new ways to be out in the community and bring more people in.”