Sample Phonebank FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

About Voter ID Phone Calls

Answers are supplied by Jan Adams, and were generated by her experience in IVE campaigns. Alternate answers in italics are suggestions offered by IF organizers.

Q. What if I get an answering machine?

A. Hang up and go to the next name on your list. (Or leave a scripted message.)

Q. What if another person answers the phone? Can I talk to them?

A. No. (You may, but only if the person is a registered voter! If they say they are registered and will vote our way, write their name on the list and treat them as a regular voter ID.)

Q. What if I call a number and a recording says it has been changed? Do I call the new number?

A. No. (If the area code is the same, yes, call the number. Be sure to verify the address of anyone you reach. They may be far from the original precinct, or it may just be a new number.)

Q. What do I do if a number has been disconnected?

A. Cross the name off the list.

Q. What do I do if the person who answers says no such person lives there?

A. Cross the name off the list. (Ask if the person you are speaking to is a voter and lives at the address, ID them, and add the name to the list.)