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Anthony Thigpenn: “There’s several components of it. The first is really design: what communities we want to work in, who are our target voters, are they occasional voters or work in low-income communities, are they heavily Spanish-speaking, those kinds of things. So we have to make those kinds of decisions and we use GIS mapping and other kinds of information to target the neighborhoods. And then based on that we can get an assessment of how many voters of our particular type reside in a given precinct. And it varies greatly. In one precinct it may be three hundred voters that meet our criteria, in another precinct it may be six hundred. And that allows us then to design what’s the best way, how many teams do we need to deploy into that precinct and those various things. […] We can do things like now, have a very scientific understanding of how many people per hour you can talk to, how many voters you can talk to, which gives us projections if of over four weeks we have a hundred people, how we can how many we can talk to, say five thousand voters.”