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Anthony Thigpenn: “It’s the one arena where you really can reach some level of scale. So in some cases you might be talking five thousand voters or ten thousand voters. We’ve talked to as many as thirty thousand or sixty thousand voters in one time period. And we certainly don’t expect that all those thirty thousand voters we contact will then become involved in the public policy campaign. It’d be great it they did, we’d be much more powerful. But even if five hundred of those people, through ongoing work, are involved in the work of the organization, that’s a huge plus for us. So part of what we try to do as we train our leaders, we train them to look for leads. So as we’re talking to a voter we’re also looking for is that person someone who seems to resonate with the mission of our organization or a particular campaign that we’re working on. So after the election season we’ll go back to that person and do a personal visit with that person, invite them to a community meeting or do a house meeting with them, so that some of those folks we can capture and become a part of the ongoing work of the organization.”