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Anthony Thigpenn: “Often times we may do a quick survey. So the organization will go back and survey their membership. And we can figure out, well, this resonates, it doesn’t resonate [….] And then the next test is when we bring in the first precinct leaders and in the education that we do with them we’ll test out does this make sense, does this compel you, is this important to you? And if it doesn’t work with them it certainly is not going to work with the voters that they’re going to be contacting themselves. And then finally we always do kind of a test precinct walk before we do the real one. And we’ll bring people together, we’ll do the training, and it’s not a long walk, it’s not a five hour walk, it may be an hour and a half or two hours. And it’s just about testing. Does it make sense? Is it too long? Which is our tendency, to be a little wordy. But you have balance a long script, which means you’re going to contact less voters, with a script that’s sufficiently content-laden so you’re getting your message across. And we test that out, we bring it back, we’ll do a debrief with the walkers. They’ll make some suggestions on ways to make it tighter or more compelling, and we’ll eventually arrive at a message that we think works from that point of view.”