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Anthony Thigpenn: “Well, when you think about the difference between a mobilization effort where you bring people for a very short period of time, often times people who are not from the community – and, again, the invading army approach – and building something more long-term. In the first effort one of the things that has been discovered is that there has been very little evaluation of that. These massive numbers of people come and walk precincts, there has been some rhetoric about well, did the turn-out increase, this or that, or that we won, we were going to move this number of people or that number of people – but very little evaluation. Because what happens right after, the day after the election, all those people go back to where they came from. All the information is normally tossed or left someplace and there’s no evaluation of it. So there was no real way of being scientific about did we really make an impact.”