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Anthony Thigpenn: “We want to look at newly registered voters, somebody that was an occasional voter when we first started tracking them and is there any change in their voting behavior pattern? And how many of them? So can we say of the occasional voters, thirty per cent have now become consistent voters? Is there any difference in the immigrant voting population? Are there differences in young votes? Over this last time period. And that will allow us, again, to be able to fine-tune our program. So we’ll look at that and we’ll say, hmm, we’ve made some progress with occasional voters who are thirty to forty years old – because we can be that specific now – but voters under thirty doesn’t seem like there’s been any bump. We have to really brainstorm doing something different or more intense to really focus in on that particular constituency. So you can see the power of the analysis to allow us to fine-tune our program in ways that will make us more effective.”