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Anthony Thigpenn: “When you think about numbers – number of people walking and people that we can reach – it varies based on a couple of things, and there are some parameters that we have come up with. So for example we know that a person walking precincts will contact five to ten people an hour. That varies somewhat based on density of a neighborhood. If it’s a very dense neighborhood you can contact more, if it’s spread out, less. And it depends on when – if it’s in the evening, if it’s on the weekend. So we know those variables. What’s in those variables, five to ten. That allows us to do some pretty fundamental projections. A team of two will contact let’s say ten voters an hour on the conservative side. If they’re only doing Saturday mobilizations, which means these are people working during the week and they’re not available to do precinct walking during the week, but they come on a Saturday and Sunday and they walk for three hours, that’s thirty voters that that team will contact over one weekend. If the program lasts four Saturdays, that’s about 120 voters they’ll contact in a given precinct over the election cycle before we get to get-out-the-vote stage. And then you can begin to multiply that. If we’ve got one team at 120, ten teams is 1,200, a hundred teams is 12,000, et cetera.”