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Anthony Thigpenn: “When I think about the voter database and then our normal membership database, the voter database is a very special animal. This is a database that you get from the county registrar or whatever the component is, and it’s massive. It may be three hundred to four hundred thousand voters. We get it, we set it up in a Microsoft Access program which is good because it’s accessible to everyone, everyone has some version of access. And then we can set up the fields so we can cross-reference them with our membership database. So we have – one of the neat things that we do is and is really motivating to our organization, is we can cross-reference our membership list with the voter database. So they’ll have a precinct list and they can walk the precinct and know when they’re talking to one of their members. Highly motivating to people. And so the ability to take that voter database and cross-reference it to our normal database is very, very powerful. And then we can do things like analyze how many of our members are registered to vote, how many people we contact in a given election cycle, how many of our members voted, those kinds of things.”