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Anthony Thigpenn: “We have a rally so people are inspired. There’s normally an educational component to the gathering, and then people are paired up and deployed into the precincts. And they’ll go out and we’ll use the state-of-the-art precinct lists which has a list of the voters with information on it. It will tell you whether that person is registered, it will tell you whether they’re male or female, it will tell you in some cases if that person’s a union members or not. It will tell you if it’s a newly registered voter or if this is a person who always votes or an occasional voter. So people really know who they’re talking to, individually, as they’re go into the precincts. So that’s probably the most important tool that the team uses as it goes door to door. […] We normally have a debriefing. How did it go, problems, anything we need to know about the neighborhood? Yes, this neighborhood is full of dogs so don’t go there. Those kinds of things. We normally have a meal, so we eat communally together and then they go. We then take the sheets and because we have the barcode on it, it’s very efficient then to go through and capture all that information. […] The next weekend when they come we’ll give them a new sheet and we’re able to take off all the people they talked to the previous weekend. So every week list gets shorter and shorter which is also motivating for people.”