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Anthony Thigpenn: “The reason that alliance building is a fundamental part of our work, and that’s both in the organizing and public policy arena as well as the electoral arena, one, is very pragmatic. There is no one organization that’s big enough and powerful enough to get the scale by themselves. And so we have just proven, through our work, that the exponential scale that we get to together, there is no comparison. There’s no comparison. SCOPE by itself might be able to reach several thousand voters but we’re talking now reaching thirty, forty, fifty thousand voters. And we’re now one of the bigger organizations involved, but a bunch of smaller organizations can now see themselves getting the scale through the work which they never would have before. […] I mean, there’s a long-term reason for it, in terms of movement-building and alliance-building. We think that the kind of power we need to build is predicated on multiple constituencies being able to work together in a more strategic way, not just tactical.”