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Henry Serrano: "We had to develop systems to be able to use some of the data that was out there. For instance, the board of elections voter list from New York City is enormous. There was no way that we were going to be able to manage it in a way that was effective for outreachers to be able to go out and do the work. So we were able to actually set up a system with some technical assistance from the LINC Project in New York City to be able to focus in on particular electoral districts, to pull out particular addresses, to be able to evaluate how many voters we’d be able to target in that area, look at an electoral district and see what kind of density could we do in a matter of days to be able to make an impact in the context that we had. So it kind of defined for us what the goals would be, in terms of how many electoral districts we do, how many voters we would have to reach, how much present staff could do. And really kind of give us a guideline on where we were going in terms of meeting a particular goal, in terms of numbers, contacts."