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Henry Serrano: “We know the city pretty well, we know where our constituencies are, we’ve been doing work there for twelve years. We look at general voter turnout rates, historically in particular elections. Using comparable cycles we can figure out where we should be doing work. From there, using the voter lists from the board of elections we’re able to look at comparisons about many people are within an electoral district, how many people we would have to contact to make a difference, what’s the density in particular addresses. […] Taking all that into consideration, what’s the best use of resources that we have, what’s the best use of staff we have, what’s the volume we can cover in a particular amount of time. And then look at more the general demographics, mostly around voter turnout – where there’s historically districts that have had low voter turnout in particular electoral cycles. So some of it comes from an organizing culture. I think the one thing we have to become far more sophisticated in is both using the resources and finding the resources around the more sophisticated demographic data that’s out there.”