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Henry Serrano: "We do non-partisan work. The goal behind this is to increase voter turnout. For reasons of visibility within the community, reasons of getting accountability from whoever is elected, in some cases the non-partisan work actually is an advantage. Because we’ve heard a lot from outreachers when they went to the doors, from people who were particularly disgusted and disenchanted with what the candidates were saying – for us to be able to have an the introduction that we don’t support anybody, we’re just here to raise the vote, have more people vote so there will be more accountability from the person that does get elected. […] If we were able to go and get the newly elected city councilperson in the district in East Harlem, it didn’t hurt to say that you know what, we contacted 2600 voters and moved 70% of those to vote. We can’t identify who they voted for, but to talk to an elected official that speaks in a language that they understand. So we were able to get her to the office and have a hundred people show up in her office to present her with some issues that they thought were priorities that were both organizational priorities and priorities that they felt that she needed to know about the neighborhood as she started her term of four years in city council. […] So when people say that non-partisan work isn’t effective I don’t believe that because I think number one, because of the visibility that it raises and secondly because it also builds the capacity of the organization."