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Henry Serrano: "In 2005 when we looked at the second year, what we had decided to do was to separate it as almost two arms of the same project, that we would work with people that we had met doing the voter contact the year before and do leadership development with them, and then also replicate what we had done – in this case it was the south Bronx in 2004 and those 16 electoral districts – to do that in another area to expand the project. So we did a straight-up voter outreach/voter education piece in east Harlem and with the base that we had contacted in the Bronx in 2004 we started doing the deeper leadership work. […] Had a couple weeks of arranging house meetings where people would invite their neighbors to do these small electoral workshops and we talk about the electoral landscape and what people could do to raise turnout. We did some group outreach days with that base, where people would go out and do their own door-knocking in their buildings or in their communities. We did some individual door-knocking days where we would take some of the leadership and they would either get some of the networks of their friends to come out and do door-knocking with them, or with the aid of some training and some prep work with staff they would go out and do it themselves."