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Henry Serrano: "We’ll initially go talk to somebody at their door and depending on what we’re doing – if it’s that education piece around issues or if it getting somebody to identify an issue that the candidates aren’t talking about – we’ll do the initial knock on the door, do the education piece with people, do the issue ID, get people to make a commitment that they’re actually going to get out and vote, make sure people have information about actually where they vote and when it is and all that, the logistical stuff. Couple days later we’ll make a phone call, same messaging, and then they’ll get a mailing with the same messaging. As we move into a week before the election we’ll go back and re-door-knock  people, again with the same messaging, probably a little more concise, just to make sure people go out and vote. The weekend before, we’ll do another phonebank to the same group of people that we had done the contacts with. Then the day of the election starting around 3 o’clock we’ll try to go back and do as many door-knocks to those same people again. And then there’s a couple mailings that happen.  Generally there’s 7 to 8 contacts, some face to face which is most effective, some phone and some mail."