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Henry Serrano: "We tried some voter registration. We registered I think in the first year 2,600 people in three weeks, doing public site voter registration within districts that we had a high density of membership in. [ …] The second phase of it is we actually went to do the more face-to-face, repetitive, door-to-door contacts that included education about the electoral system, that included messaging that was based around specific issues, educating people about how particular legislatures – we were talking about state senate, for instance – how that particular seat would impact their lives. […] The more effective messaging, we could tell both anecdotally and afterwards when we looked at the results of who had voted and who hadn’t voted, was the face-to-face, repetitive contacts that included this education. […] There was a lot of effort made institutionally for people to go in and register people to vote – but it’s critical, without the follow-up of education and repetitive contacts, they’re not going to vote."