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Henry Serrano: "During the strategic planning process, members had identified the fact that they felt that CVH was an effective organization on the issues they had been working on. They felt empowered by the organization. And one of the things that was critical to them was to see if we could bring that kind of model and that kind of power to another issue that was impacting their lives. Because of some strategic decisions we made in 2005, some because it was more effective. a lot of the voter outreach work we did was in New York City Housing Authority projects, the NYCHA projects, they’re called. Because it was high-density, history of low voter turnout, because it was a constituency that was concerned about a lot of issues that our members had been thinking about. And after the election that constituency naturally pulled the organization into a new issue, into public housing in New York City. So it was interesting where that intersection of the electoral work – we had made a decision because we thought that would be the most effective base to move, in places where there’s historically low voter turnout, that actually generated and moved the organization into picking up a new issue, because it was a new base."