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Robby Rodriguez: “Now we’re going back to the people that we identified as supporters. So, they answered two out of four or three out of four of the questions that we were asking them for their support on. They said that they were going to go vote. […] After the election we’ve gone back to those people with a follow-up survey.  And we’ve asked them questions about the campaign. Did it motivate it them to go and vote, what did they remember, we talked to them more about SWOP and SWOP’s relationship with the campaign. We invite them to join the organization and become more involved. […] The response has actually been really good. People remember the campaign, people are interested in getting involved, some people have signed up to become members. And we’ll be able to track to see how involved they remain over time because we’ll know when they entered their database, how many contacts that they received and what their involvement has been since.”