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Robby Rodriguez: "The folks that live in this area of town that’s just outside Albuquerque lack access to almost all basic services. […] We’ve been working with those folks to address some of those basic needs. And the first one and the most important one has been access to potable water. As a result of doing that work the organization has really benefited from it in a number of ways. […]  So we see that work as necessary and important and critical and we’re never going to stop doing it because that’s what SWOP was set up to do. And at the same time, we could do twenty Pajarito Mesa organizing campaigns and it still wouldn’t add up to change the systems that continue to perpetuate the conditions that folks that Pajarito Mesa live in. […] So that’s why the voter work and the civic participation work is so important, because we need to find other strategies to build power to scale that’s not leaving behind these other tried and true methods of political education and leadership development and engagement and empowerment – but it’s just finding other ways that we can also demonstrate scale to really change things."