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Gloria Walton: [Holding the non-partisan voter guide.] “So we’re walking on Prop. 66 and Prop. 72. People may be asking you about other propositions that’s going to be on the ballot. We’re not going to be talking to people about those propositions. Right? We’re just going to hand them this voter guide. ‘If you have any further questions, please feel free to read through this voter guide.’ Because we need to talk about Prop. 66 and Prop. 72 today. [Holding AGENDA’s campaign flyer.] And then we’re going to be walking with this for AGENA. It’s just kind of a little blurb on Prop. 66 and Prop. 72, a letter to Supervisor Burke, and then on this side there’s a box to check if people are interested in getting involved. So it’s important to recruit. We always want to be recruiting for our organization. Why? Because we want to get double the people that are here today here next week. [Holding a walk-sheet.] At the top, left-hand corner of the sheet, that’s the precinct. And then underneath that you have the actual street that you’re going to be walking on. And as you can see, the address is listed, the first and last name of the person, their age, their gender and their voting history. And so, what does ‘O’ stand for? Occasional. Right? What does ‘N’ stand for? New. And then what does ‘A’ stand for? Always.”