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In the video, two AGENDA members, working as volunteer precinct leaders for the ALLERT coalition, go door-knocking in the South Central neighborhood of Los Angeles. It’s a Saturday in October before the 2005 elections and they’re campaigning for a yes vote on one ballot initiative and a no on another. When the first precinct leader finds out that one woman has already voted their way, she thanks her for doing so, urges her to share campaign materials with her friends and asks her to volunteer.

When the second precinct leader learns that a voter isn’t home, she leaves materials with the person who answered the door and says, “Are you familiar with Prop. 66 at all? And Prop. 72? We need her to vote yes, it really affects our community. Sixty-six is the three-strike law, ok? We want to get rid of that. We want to make it work for what it was designed to do, and that’s to get rid of violent criminals, not all criminals, violent criminals. And 72 is to provide health care for people in our community. So can you make sure she has a chance to look at that? Thank you so much. Have a great day!”