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Risa Brown: “This is a packet coming back from a team that walked on a Saturday. This is how we input their results. Each person has a voter ID number and we turn that into a barcode for them. We ‘wand’ in the person’s voter ID number, it comes up in our ‘wanding’ file, and then we ‘wand’ in the results, which are on this key that we generate. So Ali was undecided on 66. [Points to screen] Sixty-six, ‘U.’ And undecided on Prop. 72. Prop. 72, ‘U.’ So from there we go on to the next voter. […] We ‘wand’ in people’s responses at the door also if they’ve moved, if they’re deceased, if they’ve already voted, if they’re interested in volunteering with our program or if they would like a lawn sign for the propositions that we’re talking on. [Barcode scanner beeps twice] I made a mistake there. […] A second ago I scanned in the same person as having two responses for Prop. 66. Anne has a Macro that she’s written that looks throughout the entire ‘wanding’ table and gets rid of nonsense – results like that. If somebody answered more than once on the same proposition or if they’ve moved but yet they gave you a response. So that helps us in keeping the numbers clean that we report back.”