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Bineshi Albert: "You know, for us, with the exception of a couple of key elections, with our program it’s really been about turning out Native American voters. So what we’ve done is we’ve started with our database and matched up who from our database matches with actual registered voters. After we go through matching up our membership base – which our membership base is a lot of people, it’s not just Native American – and then we look at how can we identify Native Americans from the voter file there. One of the things that we did early in our work was we created this list of Native American surnames. And it was just a lot of community people that we just called and said, 'Ok, every name that you can think of that we know will be exclusively a Native American name. We need those.' The trickiness was here in the Southwest was a lot of Pueblo and Navajo Indian surnames are Spanish surnames. So we realized there was some of that crossover there. And we pulled a lot of those folks in too."