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Bineshi Albert: “We raised I want to say close to 75, $78,000. I mean, our campaign was still pretty low-budged compared to some other political campaigns. The daunting task for us was that we raised it in about five weeks. […] You still use some of the same traditional organizing pieces – you know, you call up the friends and family, you call up our members, like, 'This is it, this is our battle, this is our chance to really go at it in a good way.' […] It was just a lot of time on the phone, which is not any different than any sort of political candidate, having to spend a great deal of time just on the phone calling any donors that we could think of. And so it was a challenge but it was definitely a success. I mean, we had a victory that year, the street bond was voted down and we had a chance to stay the road for a while longer.”